Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What grades and university years do you teach?

A: We tutor quite a variety of subjects! We help students in grade 1 to people taking fourth year university courses!


Q: What subjects do you tutor?

A: Plenty! Our most popular high school subjects are math and chemistry while our most popular university subjects are calculus, stats, chemistry, physics, and engineering courses. For a full list of subjects we tutor, please click here


Q: Where do you tutor?

A: We tutor at the Halifax Central Library.


Q: How can I book a session with a tutor?

A: There are two ways! You can click on “Get a Tutor” on our website and book your session yourself (you choose the date and time based on the tutor’s availability, choose the library, and you can provide us with any extra notes you think we may find helpful including the ability to upload an assignment or syllabus) or you can click on “Contact” to email us and we can book the appointment for you!


Q: Can I book a session for longer than an hour?

A: Absolutely! In fact, many of our clients meet with our tutors for two hours. If you have any difficulty booking a two hour appointment, please feel free to contact us. 


Q: How far in advance do I need to book a session?

A: We ask that you book a session 48 hours in advance. 


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Our tutors accept cash, e-transfer, as well as credit cards! 


Q: Do you offer online tutoring?

A: We certainly do! Please contact us for more information.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We ask that you please cancel within 24 hours of your appointment. Otherwise, you will incur the full charge of your session.


Q: If I don't think my tutor and I are a good match, can I switch tutors?

A: Absolutely! Our number one priority is that you feel like you and your tutor work well together. To request a new tutor, please click on “Contact” and we will take care of it!